Friday, 5 April 2013

New Studio

So, last weekend my new studio furniture was installed.  It's so great.  Made from Sapele with Zebrano (which is a lovely combination) it's a massive improvement on what I had before.  

Late last year I asked Joseph William to design me new studio furniture so that I had a much better and more enjoyable work space.  We discussed what I needed and they sent over an initial design.  We talked it through and tweaked it as we went along before finalising the design.  And we ended up with this...

The top is curved and the draws continue that curve, which just looks so cool!

The speakers are on free floating solid stands.  I've got my Mac Pro on one side and my slave PC on the other.  The peripherals for the PC sit on the surface above the drawers and the Mac peripherals are all above the rack unit.  The speaker stands, bookcase and drawers all have Zebrano inlay.

There's a useful pop-up socket and a cupboard to hide my printer and all of the work surfaces and other edges have been scribed to the shape of the walls so that it fits perfectly.

My master keyboard is on a shelf below the rack unit.  The top above the keyboard is curved so that the piano keys are fully exposed.

The rack unit is 4u and there are Sapele blanking sheets to hide the empty spaces.

I really couldn't be happier with it.  Having used it all this week it's perfect.  Joseph William are going to make me matching wall mounts for my Ukuleles and Mandolin as well as a wall mounted headphone rack and audio cable rack, which will finish the studio off nicely.

Joseph William made the furniture modular so that if I move studio it can come with me and be reorganised to fit the new space, which is great because it means it's a studio for life.  It's definitely a good investment.

Anyway, I'll stop going on about the studio now. Have a good weekend, I'm off for a glass of wine!

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