Monday, 28 November 2016

One of the three albums I've been banging on about.


Last week I said there would be two announcements. I then failed to make the second as the first took over my life for a bit, so here it is right now for your reading pleasure:


The album I mentioned in a previous blog that I've written using solely Spectrasonic's Keyscape has been mixed. I went to visit Dan last week to mix it (as those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram will know from my silly videos). It was great fun and we mixed the whole album in a day. Yes, one single day. Dan is either a mixing machine or the music is ridiculously simple. Probably a little of column A and a little of column B there...

Anyway, I can now confirm the name of the album and the track listing. The album is called Cypher and has eight tracks:

1. Tetralogy I
2. Hexad
3. Dyad
4. Quintain
5. Seofon
6. Deka
7. Eahta
8. Tetralogy II

I'm still not sure exactly when it's going to be released. Very soon, I hope. I am mastering it as I type, then I will play it to my publisher and we'll take it from there. There is a plan for a very funky bit of artwork but that is still to be confirmed, mostly because I haven't asked the artist if they're willing to do it for me yet...

Watch this space and I'll let you know when it's released (along with the other two).

Sam x

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