Friday, 26 February 2016

Hello again.

Hi again.  Sorry I've been in the land of not blogging for, well, years.  I thought I should start up again and try to do it properly this time.  Realistically I think I might manage one a month but I'll aim for one a week...

So, erm... Yeah...

I'm currently writing a couple of albums which I'm going to record in April (hopefully).  I've not booked players or a studio yet but I have an engineer, huzzah!  I thought I'd get on top of the music prep so it's not a last minute 2am job this time.

I'll be releasing them on iTunes later in the year, so I'll definitely blog about that.  I'll also blog across the whole process.

That's kind of all I have to say for now.  Not the longest blog, or probably the most exciting but it's a start...

Until next time.


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